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The 2017 Training Calendar is now available for review. Please call the academy if you have any questions concerning any of our programs. Check back often as new courses will be added to meet training needs.

The 2016 Training Calendar

The 2017 Training Calendar

Our 2017 programs are now listed online. Please check them out.

Call the academy to sign up for upcoming classes. All agencies must register through their agency head or training coordinator.

For 2017, there are changes regarding attendance in classroom in-service programs. Moving forward the Board of Directors has approved a new policy that will require students enrolling in the classroom in-service programs must complete the entire 40 hour block. This means that if you only need partial hours, we will no longer accommodate your enrollments in the classroom in-service program. Officers only needing partial hours are asked to utilize our break out programs or the online training. This will allow for increased efficiency in our in-service programs.

Online Training

The 3rd quarter session for online training will begin on July 1, 2016 and will continue until Sept. 15, 2016.

Online Training Signup Sheet

Dispatch Online Training Signup Sheet

Online Training Assistance and Technical Information Sheet